Saturday, December 3, 2011

"I don't want you reeking up the car!"

I am in Costa Rica once again, staying with my dear friend Mary and her family.  I am still in my PJs, farting around on the internet, looking for things to do for the week I am here.  This afternoon Mary and I and her son Franco are headed to the Pacific Coast for a couple of days to sit in the sun, read, watch the waves.  I just asked Mary what time I should be packed and ready to leave.  Somehow that prompted the following conversation:

Mary:  "Mer, do you need to take a shower?"

Mer:  "No, I'll just go gross since we are going to the beach."

Mary:  "What?!  You haven't showered since leaving Oakland?"

Mer:  "Nope.  But we will be at the beach so I don't need to shower."

Mary:  "Are you kidding me?!" (motioning me to follow her into the bathroom) "That's gross! Get in the shower!  I don't want you reeking up the car!"

Mer:  "I don't stink (Mer smells armpit).  Seriously, I will shower tonight after the beach."

Mary:  (Pointing at the shower, determined mother expression, using a stearn voice)  "Marie, get in the shower."

Mer:  (laughing) "Are you trying to mother-force me into taking a shower?"

Mary:  (throwing hands up in the air) "Suite yourself.  You're just like my dad!  But here in Costa Rica we take at least one shower a day.  At LEAST!"  (laughing down the stairs away from me as I shouted after her, promising to wash my face and brush my teeth!).

Apparently, I am a stubborn ol' dirty bachelor.  And I am not going to take a shower before we go to the beach.  And it's been a very long time since I was chastised about my personal hygiene. 

True story.  I am so easily amused by the mundane.



Anonymous said...

Merskiana Jones, reekin' up Central America!

Lauri said...

Marie. This is so funny. How we are so comfortable with family friends.

No need to shower. You checked your pits.